Hotel rooms are dirtier than ever, and many hotel operators are milking it for everything it’s worth. We were struck […]

On Saturday, October 6th, we awoke to a true point of inflection as result of the horrible attack on Israel […]

In difficult market environments, Consumer Staple (CS) stocks are assumed by most investors to be a safe haven. They are […]

Venture investors willing to deploy capital in these uncertain markets may find opportunity in the convertible note space.Since May 2022, […]

Last week our CIO, Mark Scalzo, answered the question, Why Global?? In his post, he pointed out five compelling reasons […]

For the first time since 2003 the US is importing more from Mexico than China based upon a 12-month moving […]

Why Global?

Why is global equity exposure important? Here’s why… • De-Globalization. Globalization homogenized returns – for countries, for companies. De-globalization means […]

Validus Growth Investors Named to PSN Top Guns List of Best Performing Strategies for Q2 2023 Quarterly PSN Top Guns […]

As we scour the investment landscape for inflections – meaningful signals that presage a future that is more dynamic than […]

In a recent article the Wall Street Journal discussed the state of industrial real estate in Southern California, traditionally an […]

The recent NFIB Small Business Optimism Index (the “SBO Index”) from July revealed some interesting information. The index is part […]

It was ten years ago we launched VG Global Growth. And what a way to celebrate–with a number one peer […]

We’ve recently seen what’s being called “frying pan” charts entering the economic lexicon. The “handle” of the pan being on […]

It’s one thing to copy or borrow (some might say steal) someone else’s IP. in fact, many “creators” would argue […]