Late last week, investors got a surprise when Walgreens Boots Alliance (TKR: WBA) announced that it would be slashing its […]

Vertical operating systems are some of the most interesting early stage investment opportunities in 2024. According to the folks at […]

It was interesting to read that the New York Times was suing Open AI and Microsoft for copyright infringement (NY […]

We were interested to see Tesla stock drop intraday on December 13th with the announcement of a two million car […]

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Recently, and seemingly out of nowhere, the markets have turned sour on EVs. Remember all the auto makers stumbling over […]

If you listen to Fed talk, inflation is still the biggest problem this economy faces. If you listen to the […]

Over the past couple days, market breadth has been impressive, with the S&P 500 Equal Weighted Index up 3.3% vs. […]

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Hotel rooms are dirtier than ever, and many hotel operators are milking it for everything it’s worth. We were struck […]

On Saturday, October 6th, we awoke to a true point of inflection as result of the horrible attack on Israel […]

In difficult market environments, Consumer Staple (CS) stocks are assumed by most investors to be a safe haven. They are […]

Venture investors willing to deploy capital in these uncertain markets may find opportunity in the convertible note space.Since May 2022, […]