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Edge of Inflection

For investors who seek long-term growth in private and public companies.

Let our original research guide you to the point of accelerating growth

EV, Gig-economy, etc. Easy to see and imagine huge opportunities (TAM).  Harder to succeed.  Lots of execution risk.  Lots of investment risk.

“___-as-a-service” transformation.  Initially applied to software, now applies to everything from gaming to fashion.

How significant must the opportunity be for management to sacrifice near-term results for future revenue and earnings acceleration?  Courage, brilliance, or desperation?

Opportunities hiding in plain sight. Peter Lynch idea of investing in what you are experiencing in day-to-day life.

Let someone else innovate, you follow after the kinks are worked out.  Apple and Goldman Sachs are great at this.  Applying proven strategies to meet an obvious need.  Execution is straightforward as long as you follow the template.

At every stage of a company's evolution

From seed-stage private startups to large cap public companies and everywhere in between.

Seed Stage

Growth Stage


Small Cap

Mid Cap

Large Cap

Here’s our top five holdings within the four major categories across the different products we manage and advise. 


  • Ready Capital Corp
  • New Lake Capital Partners
  • Owl Rock Capital Corp
  • Pioneer Natural Resources
  • United Health Group Inc


  • Canyon CLO Fund II
  • Canyon CLO Fund III
  • Ovation Alternative Income Fund, LP​
  • Arboretum Core Asset Fund, LP


  • Clarion Lion Industrial Trust
  • Treehouse REIT, Inc
  • Preservation, REIT, Inc
  • Aventine Property Group, Inc
  • Healthcare Trust, Inc


  • GoSite
  • AlwaysAi
  • Clear Street
  • Iridia
  • EatJust

The top five holdings above are listed by assets invested as of 05/31/2022


It’s Hard to See Growth Opportunities as They Unfold–No Matter How Near or Far.

Rooting them out before followers can fully appreciate and capitalize on them is essential to investment success.  It requires relentless focus on the factors that presage a change in business direction or momentum. It’s kinda like if you had powerful pair of growth goggles that let you see opportunities as they unfold.

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