Global Investing Inspired by a Legacy of Investment Banking and decades of Institutional Money Management

Validus provides a wide array of innovative investment strategies and structures, as well as a bespoke option-enhanced portfolio management and hedging solutions to wealth advisers, family offices, and institutional investors.


Key Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Global Investment Research​

  • Public and Private Market Investing​

  • Hedging & Monetization for Concentrated Equity Positions​

  • Diversified Portfolio Hedging

  • Systematic Covered Call Writing​

  • Structured Note Innovation​

  • Tail-Risk Management​

  • Pre- and Post-Liquidity Planning​

  • Pre-IPO Stock Strategies

30 +
Years Experience

From the sell side to the buy side, Wall Street’s sphere of influence can put you on the outside looking in. This is where our legacy in investment banking and global investment management is your advantage. 

For traditional investors, the answer is to seek the safety of benchmark and passive strategies offered by large financial institutions. We believe this approach is not your best option. Traditional benchmarks, by their nature, are backwards looking and large financial institutions can lack focus and agility. 

The world is rapidly changing, and markets move faster than expectations. 

Finding future global investment opportunities requires a focus on the factors that lead to meaningful inflection. 

Through original research we apply the discipline required to complete dozens of successful M&A deals and manage billions of assets (in our past as an investment banker and institutional money manager). We believe this experience is the difference that makes us better global investors and makes you a better investor in both private and public companies. 

Our Leaders


Jerry Murphey

As CEO at Validus, Jerry provides strategic and operational leadership and serves on the firm’s investment committee.  Read More

Mark Scalzo

Mark is responsible for the creation and implementation of Validus’ investment strategies and he provides actionable insights through his regular blog. Read More 


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