PSN just gave our International Strategy 5 stars. But that’s not the point of this article. 

Because, if you’ve been investing for the past 10 years, you know international equities have not been the most rewarding asset class to hold–compared to domestic equities. Not to mention the headwinds caused by a strong dollar.  

So, why bother with international stocks at all? 

Here are three reasons why

  1. The longer something has underperformed, the more likely it is to outperform.

International last outperformed US Equities [as measured by the S&P 500] in 2017. Based on mean reversion, one could expect international underperformance to outperform since there is no structural reason why international equities would underperform US equities on an indefinite basis. 

  1. As the US dollar depreciates international equities will appreciate – the performance is inverse.

Much of the out or underperformance can be attributed to the performance of the US dollar. In Q4 2022, as the US dollar has depreciated against other currencies, we have seen international equities outperform. As the US dollar is more expensive, and international goods and services are more expensive for non-US consumers (and countries when servicing their US dollar-denominated debts), one can understand that US-based companies should perform better from a fundamental perspective. 

  1. Institutions arbitrage away higher yielding investment opportunities until they meet lower yielding opportunities [equilibrium] when there are disconnects due to regulatory regimes [read interest rate regimes]. 

The US Federal Reserve [the Fed] front-loaded its interest rate hikes in its attempt to get a hold of inflation – raising interest rates 375 bps YTD. Other central banks are starting to catch up as we saw with the Bank of England raising rates from 2.25% to 3.00% in November and the ECB raising by almost 200 bps YTD (from a zero-bound). 

Remember, nothing happens in a vacuum.  

And this is why we have an international asset allocation–or an allocation in any other consistently underperforming asset class. 

Because the collective research we do across all asset classes informs every investment we make–from direct investments in early stage companies like alwaysai, Iridia and Clear Street to the publicly traded companies in our small cap, all cap, dividend, global growth, and international strategies. 

And it is why we believe this might be international’s turn to shine.  

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