Validus recently added Clear Street as a top 5 holding in our private equity portfolio.

But more than being just an investor, Validus utilizes Clear Street’s trading platform every day, which makes our participation in this $165 million series B funding round even more meaningful. 

It’s one thing to recognize a technology that has the potential to disrupt an entire industry, and it’s completely another to work in that industry and utilize the software every day. This fact, and our validation process, made it clear we needed to invest, along with the list of firms also investing in this recent round led by Prysm Capital.

We are excited to see Clear Street put this capital to work and continue to take on Wall Street’s established players as they take their API-first technology beyond clearing, settlement and custody to better serve fintech, market makers and professional traders everywhere.

Click here to read the full press release.

And, you might what to check out this article by Chris Pento, CEO of Clear Street, while you’re at it.

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